The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Neuroscience Society
Application Form for Sponsorship

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Company Name
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Person in Charge
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Sponsorship Package (Application deadline: March 13,2020)
Sponsorship Package
If you are applying for Sponsorship Package, please fill in the following "Luncheon Seminar" and "Exhibition" sections as well.
Luncheon Seminar (Application deadline: March 13,2020)
Luncheon Seminar

                                          Please fill in the following blanks.
Preference for capacity and date
Date (1st choice)F
Date (2nd choice)F
Exhibition (Application deadline: April 17,2020)
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Booth type *Type B1 is only for Publishers, Translation service etc. Type B2 is only for Booksellers. Type C is only for academic institutions, Universities, public institutions, etc. Type A is for all others and Sponsorship package.
Number of Booth*Sponsorship package offers - Platinum:5/Gold:2/Silver:1 booth(s).
Electricity*If you do not need electricity, please fill in "0".
100V W
Electricity is not included in the exhibition fee. Installation work charge for electric power supply equipment and electricity charge will be billed to each exhibitor.

Type A&C: 1 fluorescent Light(40W) per booth will be attached to the back side of the parapet.
Type B: No lighting is attached.
An invoice will be sent after the meeting from A&E planning Co., Ltd..
Electricity charge is as follows ( 100V / with 2 outlets inside booth ):
            `500W  JPY30,000itax excludedj
    501W`1KW   JPY35,000itax excludedj
    EFor the use of over 1KW, JPY15,000(tax excluded) per 1KW will be added.
    E1 outlet per 1KW will be attached.

Additional outlets and earth terminal require extra charges.
If you need a 200V power supply (Single phase / Three-phase), please ask the exhibition secretariat.
If you need a breaker instead of outlets for special decorations, please tick the box below. Please arrange further electrical work from a breaker and submit a drawing of your booth indicating a breaker position later.
Display Table @@@@@@ *1 display table per booth is included in the exhibition fee. Please specify the number of booth without display table.
Number of booths that do not require display tables = booth(s)
Special Decoration
Transportation Method of Exhibits
shipping, airfreight, hand-carry
Exhibits DetailsPlease fill in about main exhibits for booth allocation. Also,please specify in case you have heavy exhibits(over 100kg).
Exhibits nameESizeiW~D~H mmjEWeightikgj

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