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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter called the "Policy") applies to any and all deals, transactions and/or provision of any and all products, services (including services provided on the Internet) and/or websites (hereinafter collectively called the "Services") provided by Lilycolor Inc., a corporation duly established and registered in Japan having its principal place of business at 7-5-20, Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8315, JAPAN (hereinafter called "Lilycolor" or "we," "our" or "us.")

Lilycolor has adopted its course of action as "prompt delivery of goods and services which can bring and provide satisfactions to and with our customers and can gain customers' deep trust," and, based on this course of action, Lilycolor is engaged in the business of providing various goods, products and services including the following; i) "Total Interior Business," a business consisting of purchasing and selling various interior materials and goods including wallpaper materials, curtains, floor materials and other materials, 2) "Space Solution Business," a business consisting of designing and constructing office spaces, project managements, proposal and sales of furniture, partitions and so on, and proposal and construction of refurbishment and renovation of schools, and 3) business fir providing other services and products relating to Lilycolor's aforementioned services (hereinafter collectively called the "Services and Goods.)

We, Lilycolor, acknowledges that for and in the course of advancing our business, protecting and safeguarding personal information is one of our important social responsibilities and is a vital and essential conditions for promoting our business and gaining social trust.

Therefore, for the purpose that we, Lilycolor, ensures to respect the privacy of customers who use Lilycolor's Services and Goods (hereinafter referred to as "Customers"), and to adequately and most carefully manage and handle Customers' personal information collected or obtained in the course of providing the Services and Goods, Lilycolor hereby establishes this Policy as the code of conducts with which Lilycolor's all employees shall comply, and we, Lilycolor, hereby undertake to ensure the steady implementation of this Policy with familiarizing all the employees with this Policy.

1.Purpose of the Policy

Lilycolor hereby sets the Policy for the purpose of realizing steady protection of Customers' Personal Information and continuous provision of safety to Customers.

2.Management of Personal Information

Lilycolor shall establish an adequate management system for Customers' personal information relating to the Services and Goods necessary for the proper protection of personal information according to our business conditions, and shall properly and carefully manage and handle any and all personal information pursuant to our company rules.

3.Basic Attitudes for Collection of Personal Information

  • (1)Lilycolor shall collect and obtain personal information by legitimate and fair means, and shall in no manner collect or obtain any personal information by any unauthorized ways or against the will of Customers.
  • (2)Lilycolor shall collect any personal information by clarifying the purposes of such collections, to the extent necessary for achieving such purposes.
  • (3)If Lilycolor indirectly obtains any personal information, Lilycolor shall confirm whether the provider of such information has obtained the personal information from the principal of such personal information.

4.Purpose of Collection

Lilycolor may collect Customers' personal information for any of the following purposes. Unless otherwise individually notifying to respective Customers or otherwise officially announcing through a certain mean, Lilycolor shall not collect nor use Customers' any personal information for any purpose other than any of the following purposes;

  • (1)For managing the provisions of, and announcements concerning, the Services and Goods and other related information to Customers;
  • (2)For providing materials and samples of the Services and Goods to be provided from Lilycolor to Customers;
  • (3)For requesting Customers to answer our product researches or questionnaires concerning the Services and Goods provided by Lilycolor;
  • (4)For making notifications and announcements of various events, campaigns or prizes offered by Lilycolor, and for sending to Customers presents won by such Customers;
  • (5)For responding to inquiries or requests from Customers;
  • (6)For properly performing the terms in the contracts between Customers and Lilycolor, and for proper following-up and management thereof, including after-sales services;
  • (7)For making smooth communication between Customers and Lilycolor in addition to the aforementioned purposes;
  • (8)For customizing the Services and Goods and advertisement deliveries based on the information of each Customer, including without limitation delivering e-mail newsletters to Customers based on each Customer's browsing records of Lilycolor's websites and delivering other related information;
  • (9)For providing Customers with information suited for their respective likes and tastes, including without limitation for delivering to Customers direct mails and e-mail newsletters tailored to Customer's respective likes and tastes based on their respective browsing records of Lilycolor's websites and delivering other related information;
  • (10)For utilizing Customers' personal information in order to improve the Services and Goods and developing new services or goods, including without limitation for the purpose of improving the contents posted on Lilycolor's websites and/or for Lilycolor's business operations based on statistical or aggregate results concerning Customer's browsing history on Lilycolor's websites;
  • (11)For preventing any uses or acts in violation of the use policies concerning Lilycolor's any services;
  • (12)For adequate performance and management of obligations owed by Lilycolor to Customers; and
  • (13)For adequate management of Lilycolor's rights and collection of debts owed by Customers.

5.Contents of Personal Information to be Collected

Lilycolor may collect and use the following personal information for any of the aforementioned purposes;

  • (1)Customers' such information as addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, gender, birthday, and information of Customers' employers and Customers' titles, including without limitation any personal information inputted or submitted on or through Lilycolor's websites;
  • (2)Information collected by Lilycolor concerning the Customers who will participate, or have participated, Lilycolor's any promotions and/or events; Information in any application forms filled by Customers concerning any promotions and/or events in which such Customers have participated; And information recorded by Lilycolor concerning Customers' participation in Lilycolor's such promotions and/or events or any other information relating to such Customers' participation;
  • (3)Information concerning Customers' tastes or interests, and information relating to the interests or activities of Customers;
  • (4)Information relating to Customers' marketing interests; Information relating to Customers' tastes and interests concerning marketing and communication; And information collected by Lilycolor in order for Lilycolor to decide what products or services might suit for the relevant Customers' tastes and interests;
  • (5)Information concerning Customers' uses of chatting, message boards, social media service pages and any other networking forums, including without limitation comments, photographs, videos and other information posted or submitted by the Customers;
  • (6)Market survey-related information, which includes Customers' answers to surveys conducted by Lilycolor and so on;
  • (7)Communication data between Lilycolor and Customers, including without limitation feedbacks, complaints and comments posted or submitted by Customers by or through telephone, e-mail or social media, and including records and data concerning communication or interaction with Lilycolor in writing or by meeting in reality. If a Customer uses telephone in order to communicate with Lilycolor, the information collected through the telephone conversations, such as the telephone number used for such communication with Lilycolor and any other data and information, may be collected by Lilycolor hereunder;
  • (8)Technical Information. This information includes any and all information utilized to connect Customers' computers to the Internet, such as IP addresses, Customer's log-in information, types of browsers and their versions, set time zones, the types and versions of plugs of browsers, operating systems and platforms;
  • (9)Customer's browsing history on Lilycolor's websites, including without limitation URL click-streams (including their date and hours), products and goods checked or searched by Customers, webpages accessed by Customers, webpage response time, download errors, and the hours of stay on each webpage to, through or from Lilycolor's websites. For the purpose of distributing or delivering advertisements or e-mail newsletters tailored to each Customer's likes and tastes, Lilycolor may link the aforementioned information concerning such Customer's browsing history collected pursuant to this Subsection with any other personal information collected by Lilycolor by any means. In addition, Lilycolor may link and connect Customers' personal information, such as browsing history, history of requests for materials or requests for samples, with the information concerning some goods and services, and in some cases, Lilycolor may directly communicate with Customers from Lilycolor's sales persons in order to deliver better Goods and Services.

6.Use of Personal Information

  • (1)Lilycolor shall use any personal information of a Customer only within the purposes of collection agreed by such Customer.
  • (2)If a Customer has provided Lilycolor with any personal information, Lilycolor may distribute to the Customer a certain information concerning Lilycolor's Services and Goods and/or operation of Lilycolor's websites by email or any other ways. If you, a Customer, would not wish to receive such information, please let us know. Then, we stop such distribution.

7.Appropriate Protection of Personal Information

Lilycolor shall ensure, and has ensured, to appropriately and securely protect and manage any personal information, upon taking appropriate measures to make such personal information accurate and updated. In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, Lilycolor shall prevent any unauthorized access to personal information, and any loss, damage, destroy, manipulation or leakage of personal information by taking informational security measures and deploying other safety and protective measures, such as appointment of a personal information manager, taking access management to personal information and placing restriction to bringing out of any personal information. In addition, if Lilycolor considers necessary based on or in light of the results of internal audits, security related accident examples, and/or requests or opinions of Customers, Lilycolor shall promptly improve or modify the aforementioned information security measures.

8.Disclosure, Provision and Deposition of Personal Information to Third Party

Lilycolor shall not share and/or disclose any personal information with or to any third party unless obtaining prior consent of the principal of such personal information; provided, however, in any of the following cases, Lilycolor may provide and/or disclose any personal information without obtaining prior consent of the Customers concerned;

  • (1)In the event that Lilycolor considers necessary to disclose the personal information based on any applicable laws and/or regulations, or Lilycolor is required to disclose it by any applicable court order or police office or any other governmental authorities;
  • (2)In case of any possible threats to impair any human lives or health or properties or any other rights of any Customer or any third person or party, and Lilycolor considers it would be difficult to obtain a consent of the principal concerned;
  • (3)In the event that the disclosure or provision of personal information is permitted by laws or regulations, or
  • (4)In the event Lilycolor provides personal information to its subcontractors only to the extent necessary for achieving the purposes of collecting personal information.


Any information shall be deemed "public information" I such information has been disclosed, submitted or posted by any Customer per se by using or through chatting, message boards, e-mail exchanges, twitter or any other social media service or other networking forums, whether such system be set up or offered on the website operated by Lilycolor or not. Concerning such information, Lilycolor shall in no manner accept any responsibility or obligation pursuant to this Policy. So, please pay enough attention to that.

10.Utilizing of Statistical Date

Lilycolor may make or create certain statistical data based on Customer's personal information collected, including without limitation statistical or aggregate results concerning Customer's browsing history on Lilycolor's websites, only after making such personal information impossible to identify any individual. Lilycolor may use and utilize, without any limitation, any and all such statistical data made impossible to identify any individual.

11.Customers' Requests for Disclosure or Deletion of Personal Information

If Lilycolor receives a request from a Customer for disclosing the Customer's personal information to the Customer, Lilycolor shall promptly disclose such information to the Customer, except the case such disclosure is likely to cause a significant obstacle to Lilycolor's business operation, or is likely to impair human lives, health, properties or any other rights of any individual. In addition, if Lilycolor receives a request from a Customer for correction or deletion of any personal information concerning the Customer, Lilycolor shall promptly investigate the requests, and, if any such correction or deletion should be reasonably needed, Lilycolor shall promptly correct or delete such information.

12.Use of Cookies

Lilycolor may use "Cookies" for the purpose that the Customers visiting a Lilycolor's website can more conveniently receive Lilycolor's Services and other services, and for the purpose of collecting browsing history of Customers. "Cookie" is a text file (code) submitted from a server to each Customer's personal computer when such Customer visits a website. By changing the setup of Customers' browser, Customers can refuse to accept "Cookies" or display a warning for each time of receiving any "Cookie." In case of changing the setup to refuse any "Cookies," the Customer would not be able to use the whole or part of features and/or functions of the Lilycolor's websites or the Services in some cases. "Cookies" submitted from any websites other than Lilycolor's websites shall not be under the control of Lilycolor, and, so that, Lilycolor cannot accept any responsibility concerning such "Cookies."

13.Revision of the Policy

Lilycolor makes a point to continuously review and modify our efforts and scheme for the protection of personal information, and, if necessary, Lilycolor may in some cases revise this Policy to revise. Lilycolor shall make public all modifications, amendments and revisions of this Policy by reflecting and displaying such modification on this website page.

14.Contact Information

The Customer who wants to disclose, correct or delete, or suspend the use of, his or her personal information data, please contact us through the following Contact. We, Lilycolor, shall respond to the Customer's such request after confirming the identity of such Customer whether such Customer is truly the principal of the personal information requested. In some case we cannot accept the Customer's request by certain reasons, which shall be explained by Lilycolor to the Customer, in principle.

Contact: General Administration Division, Lilycolor Co., Ltd.
TEL: +81-3-3366-7845
Time In: From 9:00 to 18:00, from Monday through Friday

* The aforementioned provisions shall not apply to any personal information of the employees, officers, directors or any other person who are or were engaged in Lilycolor's any business.

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