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Questions or comments regarding information about FinTech Global Incorporated or FinTech Global Group Companies may be directed to us by means of our online form.

    Notice regarding inquiries

    □We will reply to your question as soon as possible, but some responses may not be immediate. For inquiries received on weekends and national holidays or at the year-end and New Year holidays, please give us at least until the day following the first business day back. Please understand that not all requests for information can be answered.
    □Please treat any and all responses as private communication between us. We ask that you do not copy, forward or otherwise transmit our response, in whole or in part, to any third party.

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    Handling of personal information for inquiries
    Personal information (name, e-mail address, message, etc.) provided in the course of submitting an inquiry will only be used to execute the required responses and/or to send requested materials and will not be used for any other purposes. To respond to inquiries, we may jointly use acquired personal information in line with the following.

    Joint use item
    ・Personal information entered into the “Inquiries” form (name, email address, message, etc.).

    Joint Users
    Our subsidiaries and affiliated companies ("Group companies"). Click below for a list of major Group companies contained within the scope of joint utilization.
    Group companies

    Purposes for which Group companies may jointly utilize personal information
    ・Responses to inquiries / opinions / consultations, etc.
    ・Sends requested materials

    Party responsible for the management/control of personal information
    ・FinTech Global Incorporated
    Our privacy policy can be found here.

    Agreement with the handling of personal information for inquiries

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